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We have selected a series of web links that are very helpful and informative for anyone interested in moving, retiring, investing or just visiting Costa Rica.

We recommend to anyone contemplating the idea of making a move to any foreign country to do a thorough research about that country. With the technology advances these days, one can find practically anything about their chosen destination. Satisfy your curiosity, find answers to questions you may have regarding politics, economy, health care, cost of living, culture, and residency issues. Costa Rica is a very small country with huge regional differences. Through the Internet, it is also possible to familiarize yourself with the areas you will want to visit, and possibly relocate to.


Costa Rica General information

This privately hosted web site discusses many aspects of Costa Rica including its history, government,society, culture, and gastronomy. There are also helpful links here relating to tourism, Spanish schools, health, business and economy.


Choose Costa Rica

Hosted by discovery press, this bulletin board contains a forum for asking questions, reading of others experiences, and ads posted.


Costa Rica, no artificial ingredients

This is the official web site from the Costa Rican tourism board with tourism information including an events calendar, suggested destinations, activities and accommodations, bus itinerary, maps, answers to frequently asked questions, as well as helpful links.


CIA fact file

This official page of the CIA offers detailed information on any country in the world. This allows you to examine the history, politics, economy, international relations, health statistics and more valuable information on the country of your liking. This is particularly useful in doing side by side comparisons between different countries, weather you are contemplating retiring in Costa Rica or Belize, or just want to see how another country compares to the United States. To navigate, simply click on web site and then choose your country.


U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs

This web page put out by the U.S. Department of State has information on traveling abroad, document requirements, tips on living abroad, overseas citizen services as well as a Consular Information Sheet with specific information pertaining to the travel requirements and safety issues of Costa Rica and the rest of the world.


A Virtual Travel to Costa Rica

This excellent site is from One World Nations-Online. Links to official sites of Costa Rica, diplomatic missions, statistics, maps, weather, news, travel info, arts and culture, education, environment and much more.


Costa Rica Law

The folks at Costa Rica Legal Net, are the host and providers of this very informative web site regarding legal issues in Costa Rica. This very comprenhencive guide addresses questions you may have about the Costa Rican legal system. The site provides a good starting point for any information that you will need to do business, seek residency and other aspects of life in Costa Rica.


Magnalex Attorneys

Established in 1982, this team of attorneys are experts in all aspects of getting established in Costa Rica. The friendly and knowledgeable English speaking staff can help you through any process including; Residency, Corporate Law, Real Estate transactions, Banking, Foreign Investment and much more. The service that you experience at Magnalex is truly special, as the attorneys and staff are extremely ethical and genuinely care for all of their clients needs and business interests.


Costa Rica Living, (CRL Yahoo Group)

This message board hosted by Yahoo, has interactive communication about all topics of Costa Rica. Residents in the country as well as visitors and people interested in relocating posts their messages here. A group moderator monitors the messages and updates the board daily.


Costa RicaLiving, (CRL eBoard)

Same as the previous group but hosted by MSN. This layout has a few more features including a variety of categories containing the following: Ads, announcements, area reports, legal information, professionals, lodging, recommendations, shopping, recipes, schools, trip reports, a section to add URL's and much more. You can simply browse or become a member, there is no fee to join in.


The Tico Times

The Tico Times has become the leading source of information about what's going on in Costa Rica and all Central America. The weekly newsprint format is edited and published in English and distributed throughout the world, the online version offers the same features such as ads and archives from previous issues.


A.M. Costa Rica

An online news portal with all of kinds of information and news from Costa Rica and from around the world. The publication contains a diverse array of advertisements pertaining to many services including: Tourism, language schools, banking services, imports/exports, real estate and more. Published Monday through Friday.


National Chamber of Costa Rica Tourism (Canatur)

The Canatur web site provides information about many topics including; Fishing, golfing, auto rentals, tour operators, volunteer work, airlines, vacation rentals, real estate, lodging and much more. It also offers important information about the many regions of Costa Rica. In the main page there is a "Features" section providing links to very helpful and informative sites. This web site is published in Spanish,English and Deutsch.


Project Rhythm Seed

Project Rhythm Seed is growing in the exciting music scene of today and features downloads and music news from the best of all genres. The goal of PRS is, “to put musical instruments in to the hands of children who need them but can’t afford them,” thus diversifying the talent pool of the future.


Costa Rica School of Massage Theraphy (CRSMT)

The beautiful setting of Samara Beach in Guanacaste is the hosting headquarters for the Costa Rica School of Massage Theraphy. The unique English speaking program is designed for students seeking the skills, knoledge and experience necessary to achieve a sucesseful career as a Certified Massage Therapist.


Detailed maps of Costa Rica

Maptak web site uses advanced technology to display their maps on the Internet. Using Vector Graphics and the help of the new and exciting satellite global imaging system GOOGLE EARTH, Maptak offers smooth and scalable images that can be printed with amazing quality and detail.


Google Earth

Ever thought of being an expert in mapping systems and finding your way anywhere in the world? Well, now you can, or at least you can play and pretend you are with the amazing new tool from Google that's raising eyebrows around the globe. This program is free to download for the basic version which is very good, if your system has good graphics capabilities. Higher resolution versions are available if you wish to subscribe.


Costa Rica Directory

A complete listing of Costa Rica web sites including, bars and restaurants, hotels, recreation and sports, air and bus transportation, car rentals, arts and entertaintment, travel and tourism, news and media, real estate and much more.


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